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Inspired by of The Black Aesthetics (Arts) Movement of the 60s &70's.  This era helped shaped activism, culture, art, fashion and beauty. We believe that with out that particular time and events our current movements  of Afrofuturism, self-love and awareness wouldn’t be possible. Next spring, Love Yourself &Co. will be Launching our Love Yourself Scholarship fund. Being a single parent and student can be challenging And we what to help! We would like to encourage creative expression and eliminate access barriers that may get in the way of a students success to college and career! 


This scholarship will support (1) Single parent woh is interested in majoring in one of the following disciplines:


•Visual Arts/Design

•Beauty Industry


The goal of this scholarship is to break barriers in college access by giving students the gift of materials (books and supplies).  Art and Design supplies can be expensive and not having acces the right supplies at the right time can be a road block to success. We want to demolish this road block!


Applications will be available January 2019

Student will be required to provide the following:

•Proof Enrollment

• 300 word compelling Statement of Purpose 

• Student Aid report (As proof of income and dependents where applicable)

• Transcripts

To Donate please send a message through our contact us page. 

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